What is a claim? Home insurance claims occur when you have to request assistance from your insurance company to pay for damages you have incurred as a result of any insured incident.
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The claim is typically called a "loss" in insurance lingo. You have a duty to report a claim just as soon as you possibly can after the loss occurs. Your insurance company has a duty to assign an insurance claims adjuster to investigate the loss and, if appropriate, settle the loss in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately, insurance companies donít always do their job. An unjustified claim denial or insurance dispute is often just a business strategy used by companies to cut costs. This is where the information on this website can help you "level the playing field." A little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

We have a number of informational podcasts and other products to help you with your claim or insurance dispute. Just remember, do not do anything on an insurance claim unless you feel you understand the ramifications and the outcomes of your actions.

Keep informed!

What is a claim? Joe Watkins helps you really understand how to use a claim form!
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