Do I have to take what my insurance company offers?

No. Everything is negotiable. This website is filled with useful tools and products to make sure your claim is dealt with fairly.

Why don't I have enough insurance for my claim?

There is a huge difference between market value i.e. what your home will sell for, and replacement cost value (RCV), which is what it will take to repair or rebuild a damaged or destroyed property. Most people think that a market value amount of insurance is adequate. In reality, tearing down an old structure and rebuilding it is much more expensive. We have a number of useful tools and products in this website which can help you make sure you have enough insurance.

Why can't my agent help me with my claim?

Your agent does not work for your insurance company. If there is an insurance dispute or an insurance denial your agent can do nothing.  We discussed this at length in website materials. Your insurance agent can only sell you insurance. Your agent is probably an independent contractor licensed to sell your company's policies. Once you have an insurance claim, the agent is out of the picture.

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Should I trust my insurance company?

No, in my experience your insurance company and its insurance claims adjuster will push you to use their estimates, their contractors and accept their numbers.

What is the first thing I should do after damage to my property?

Obviously, the first thing to do is notify your insurance company. Next, start documenting everything. Assume you will face an insurance dispute. Make lists of all damage and take digital photographs of everything.
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