Blaming the Insured as a Basis for Not Paying a Claim

Insurance companies sometimes invent new reasons for not paying a claim.  One such reason is seeking to blame an insured for causing property damage, such as a house fire.

When homeowners are not represented by legal counsel, a claims adjuster may tell a homeowner that the insurance company will not pay a claim, or will only pay a small portion of the claim, because the homeowner is partially or even significantly at fault for some alleged conduct that contributed to a house fire.  Homeowners who do not fully understand their insurance policy may feel that the insurance company is correct, or that the settlement offer is the best that can be done, and choose to accept the offer.

The fact is, unless a homeowner deliberately burned their house, the negligence alleged by the insurance company, even if it is true, does not prevent a full payout under insurance contract.  When claims adjusters in insurance companies seek to trick or deliberately misrepresent the terms of an insurance policy in the context of claims administration, this may also be an act of insurance bad faith.

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