The Jacobs family had lived in their home for less than one month.  They had moved from out-of-state and put their life savings into a 40-year-old home overlooking the valley. Shortly after moving in, a storm destroyed their roof and the house was inundated with water. When the Jacobs filed a home insurance claim, the insurance claims - Read More

The Jacksons had a deluxe homeowner’s insurance policy.  They had been promised by the agent who sold them the policy that everything in the home was covered, including major appliances. When a short circuit destroyed their air-conditioning unit in the middle of the summer, the Jackson’s filed an insurance claim.  The agent turned the claim over - Read More

Mrs. Johnson was a retired cleaning lady.  She’d worked hard her whole life. While she didn’t have much, she did have a little home which was completely paid for. In 2006, a storm tore the roof off her house.  The entire structure was inundated with water and almost everything Mrs. Johnson owned was destroyed.  Mrs. - Read More

John loved his insurance company.  He’d been a customer for years and when he broke a windshield in 1992, the company fixed it right away.  When his kid got in a fender bender in 1996 the company paid the claim. When John’s house was destroyed by a fire in 2004 he had complete faith that - Read More

Jim was involved in a car wreck in 2004. He was seriously injured. Before he got out of the hospital the other driver’s insurance company assured him that, because the other driver was at fault, the company would pay all of Jim’s bills and make sure he was “taken care of.” It took several months - Read More


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