People in Sierra Vista are already being told what’s not covered before even seeing an adjuster! This may be a new speed record, even in Arizona. Do not take “no” without challenging any denial or refusal to pay. The fires were bad, the next few months may be worse! - Read More

Our office has already been contacted by potential clients in the Sierra Vista fire losses. Some individuals are being told by claims adjusters their insurance policies were apparently “reformed” recently without their knowledge. Also, people are being told they need specific proof of ownership of their contents even though any such proof was destroyed in - Read More

Arizona has been through one of the worst fire seasons ever and it is still not over. It is easy in the heat of June to forget the flood and storm risks coming in July. The next event on the potential disaster horizon is the summer monsoon season. Areas that have been damaged by wildfires - Read More

Parts of Arizona are currently being ravaged by wildfires. Sierra Vista, towns throughout the White Mountain range and people living in eastern Arizona are all threatened by out-of-control wildfires. Over 60 homes and a number of other businesses in southern Arizona have been burned along with dozens of properties in the White Mountains and eastern - Read More

Fall is here and football is back! However, football is not the only contact sport this time of year. Many people have experienced summer storm damage resulting in insurance claims. Remember, insurance, like football, can be a contact sport or, at least, an extremely adversarial endeavor. Your insurance company does not want to pay full - Read More

A recent employment article on protecting employee rights raised an interesting question. How do you protect yourself when dealing with big businesses? The best way is to think like a big business. Insurance companies keep a paper or electronic trail of every transaction, claim, complaint or communication with their customers. If you have an insurance - Read More

Insurance Companies Love Depreciation Depreciation is a loss of value to property because of age or obsolescence. In order for something to depreciate, it must actually lose value over time. Things like paint, roofs, fences and siding all depreciate. How much depends on how well you keep your property. Insurance companies will pay damage to - Read More

Summertime and storm damage go hand-in-hand. Thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes and wind can all wreak havoc on your property. You need to be prepared. This is a great time to read your insurance policy, photograph and record items in your home and make sure you get any insurance questions you have answered before a loss occurs. - Read More

A recent round of newspaper articles and other media reporting claims that individuals are burning their automobiles and turning in false insurance claims in order to collect money because of the miserable state of the economy. Only three instances were cited where this may have actually been done. The articles went on to say that - Read More


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