How We Help Clients With Insurance Claims

In the case of a serious injury, a client will develop a close and somewhat long-term relationship not only with the attorney who is handling his or her case, but also with the attorney’s staff.

At my firm, I and my staff take great pride in helping clients through a very difficult time in their lives.  At our office, you will never be treated as just a “case.” We understand that your accident is a critical part of your life. I know well the financial, physical, emotional, and other issues that are associated with accidents and the impact that an accident can have on an entire family. I and my staff treat every case as we would want to be treated if the accident happened to us.

I Will Focus on Your Lawsuit While You Recover

If you’ve been injured, when you hire me and my firm, you can rest assured that we will be actively seeking to advance your case so that you can focus on your physical recovery.

In addition to working hard to obtain a fair recovery for you, we will help you complete your insurance claims, document your medical injuries and limitations, and work with your physicians to understand likely future treatment (including future surgeries and rehabilitation) and any long-term or permanent disabilities.  We will also seek to understand from medical professionals, family members, and workplace acquaintances the impact that your injuries have had on your daily activities. Such an understanding is critical, particularly in seeking to show the pain and suffering to a jury.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies for Fair Compensation

If your insurance company is refusing to pay what it owes for a valid claim, I can help.  Insurance companies often wrongly deny legitimate claims, or make excuses why the amount that they owe is far less than the true value.  They count on insureds not knowing the law or not understanding their policies.  In many cases, insurance companies save huge amounts by paying out only a fraction of what they owe.

If your insurance company is not treating your claim fairly, call me.  I know insurance law, and am experienced with the tactics and excuses commonly made by insurance companies to avoid liability.  I negotiate with insurance companies to obtain the full value of client claims, and refute their excuses for denying legitimate claims by defenses that are not legally valid.

I Invite You to Call Me for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

I know that it’s important to trust and have full confidence in an attorney. If you have been injured or have been the victim of insurance bad faith, I invite you to call me to schedule a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience. At this time, you can meet me and my staff, and I can advise you as to how we may be able to help obtain compensation for you from those responsible for your injuries or damages. You will not owe us any fee for our services unless and until we recover for you.



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