Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Joe Watkins

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year promoting their products.  They lead us to believe that if an unforeseen event occurs that is covered by insurance, they will be right there by our side to promptly handle and pay all legitimate claims.

While insurance companies sometimes do the right thing and promptly pay when required, all too frequently they put their interests before ours.  This is especially the case when claims are large, and when they can find or invent some reason or excuse why a claim should not be paid.

As an Arizona insurance bad faith attorney, my role is to take insurance companies to task when they act egregiously and unfairly against clients.  This is the only way that insurance companies will learn that outrageous conduct is not acceptable.  I and my Tucson firm represent clients throughout the State of Arizona who have been hurt by insurance bad faith.

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Understanding the Legal Aspects of your Insurance Policy and the Duties of Insurance Companies

The policy you have with your insurance company is a contract. When your insurance company fails to honor its obligations under the terms of your contract or fails to perform some other responsibility, you will initially have a case against your insurance company for non-payment of the legitimate and covered claim.  If the insurance company acted outrageously in how it treated your claim, or exhibited conduct designed solely to avoid paying claims that it legitimately owed, you may also have a case for insurance bad faith.  All kinds of insurance, from health and dental to automobile and homeowners can be the source of bad faith cases.

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Insurance Companies Are Required in Arizona to Treat Policyholders Fairly

Insurance companies are required by Arizona law to handle claims fairly.  Every insurance contract contains an unwritten promise – to deal fairly and in good faith with the policyholder.  This promise is imposed by law upon the insurance company.

Insurance companies are required to give as much consideration to your financial interests and the terms of the policy as they do their own.  They also cannot ignore a claim, or unreasonably delay in responding.  They cannot simply deny claims without investigation or due cause.  When it comes to determining the amount owed under a claim, they must base the payment upon the fair market value or other standard as required in the policy, they cannot simply come up with their own offer.

When Insurance Companies Act Outrageously and Unfairly, I Seek to Hold Them Accountable for the Full Measure of Damages under Arizona Law

You should never have to represent yourself alone against an insurance company or accept an unfair settlement offer.  As both an Arizona attorney and a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster, I know well the obligations of insurance companies and the tactics they often use in failing to treat policyholders fairly.

To find out more about your rights against insurance companies, please call me at 520.882.9115.  The initial consultation is free. If your case is accepted, I will work on a contingency fee basis.   This means that I will only get compensated for my service to you if you receive a settlement or jury award.


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