Insurance Company Tries to Avoid Proper Payout to Elderly Woman

Mrs. Johnson was a retired cleaning lady.  She’d worked hard her whole life. While she didn’t have much, she did have a little home which was completely paid for.

In 2006, a storm tore the roof off her house.  The entire structure was inundated with water and almost everything Mrs. Johnson owned was destroyed.  Mrs. Johnson was 81 years old.

Mrs. Johnson’s insurance company blamed her for not adequately maintaining her home. The company brought in its own contractors whose negligence caused additional damage to the residence and Mrs. Johnson’s property.

The amount of money Mrs. Johnson was offered by her insurance claims adjuster wasn’t enough to even fix her roof, let alone the house and everything in it. One of her former cleaning clients referred Mrs. Johnson to me.

I brought in experienced help,obtained accurate estimates from qualified people, threw the old contractors off the job, and sued the insurance company.

Less than 12 months later, we settled the insurance lawsuit out of court. Mrs. Johnson had received a completely rebuilt home, new furniture, new contents, and enough money to pay for all of her out-of-pocket expenses.  Sadly, it took a lawyer to get the company to do the right thing.

Tip – As in other cases, you should not count on your insurance company to do the right thing – often the “right thing” for them means to avoid paying damages that they legitimately owe.

If an insurance company is not giving you everything you expect immediately, please call me or schedule an appointment so that I may learn about your case.  There is no cost or obligation for this call or meeting.

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