Insurance Company Watches While Family Gets Seriously Ill

The Jacobs family had lived in their home for less than one month.  They had moved from out-of-state and put their life savings into a 40-year-old home overlooking the valley. Shortly after moving in, a storm destroyed their roof and the house was inundated with water.

When the Jacobs filed a home insurance claim, the insurance claims adjuster told them that the house had not been properly maintained. The adjuster offered $5,000 for damage to furniture and other items inside the home, but refused to pay for the roof.  This amounted to a total claim denial.

The Jacobs did their best to get the roof patched.  Over the next several months their children and their pets began experiencing bloody noses and the children began complaining of headaches.  When they reported these problems to their insurance claims adjuster, they were ignored.

After months of sickness and concern, the Jacobs’ hired me as their attorney. I had the house evaluated by professionals.  Because the house was built prior to 1980, it was contaminated with asbestos which was made worse by the storm damage.  Mold had developed throughout the house, including toxic mold which was making everybody sick.

The case took a new turn when I discovered that the insurance claims adjuster knew about the asbestos and mold but refused to warn the family.  This was no longer a typical insurance dispute.  After pushing the company to the brink, the case ultimately settled for well over seven figures.  The family sold the home and left the state.  Sadly, all of this could have been avoided if the insurance company had simply been honest.

Tip – Unfortunately, when insurance companies fail to do the right thing, more than just a claim payout is sometimes involved.

In this case, people became seriously ill due to the failure of the insurance adjuster to warn those covered about the potentially serious hazards of asbestos and environmental contamination.

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