The Types of Damages that are Potentially Recoverable in a Personal Injury Claim

The damages that may be recoverable in any particular personal injury claim will depend upon the facts and circumstances of the case.  Types of damages that are often recoverable include the following:

  • Medical bills.  All of the expenses incurred in connection with medical treatment are typically recoverable in a personal injury case.  This includes not only the expenses for the initial treatment required, but also any future medical costs and expenses that are likely to be required as the result of the injuries sustained. 
  • Lost wages.  All wages that the plaintiff would have otherwise received but for his or her injuries are ordinarily recoverable.
  • Pain and suffering.   Pain and suffering can sometimes be the largest component of a personal injury award.  In Arizona, juries are entitled to use any formula or basis that they believe to be reasonable in calculating pain and suffering.
  • Personal property damage or destruction.  In many personal injury accidents, such as car and truck accidents, personal property is destroyed.  Plaintiffs are entitled to seek the fair market value of any property destroyed, or damages suffered, as the result of the defendant’s negligence.

I Will Seek All Damages Potentially Recoverable on Your Behalf

A critical role of a personal injury attorney is to carefully identify the full range of damages that are possible in a personal injury case and seek for a client all damages that are potentially recoverable.  In most personal injury cases, there is only one opportunity to seek a recovery.

As a result, when a personal injury case is brought, it is important not only to identify all damages that have been sustained, but all future damages that are reasonably likely to be sustained, so that full compensation may be sought.

Learn About the Damages to Which You May Be Entitled

I offer a free, no obligation consultation so that I can learn about your case, and so that you can ask me any questions that you might have about your case and about the types of damages to which you may be entitled.  If your case is accepted, I and my firm will serve as your legal counsel on a contingency basis.  This means that you will not owe me or my firm for any fees unless and until we recover for you.

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