When Should an Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Be Called?

If you have a dispute with an insurance company, when should you take the matter to the next level and contact a lawyer?  As an Arizona insurance bad faith lawyer, in my experience the answer to this question is as soon as it appears to you that the insurance company is not going to quickly process your claim and pay you what you believe to be legitimately owed, it’s time to call an attorney.

In most cases people know when an insurance company is not proceeding in good faith.  Often insurance companies implement a series of ongoing requests for more information.  Weeks after the requested information is submitted, another request for information from the insurance claims adjuster is made.  If you experience this type of behavior, it’s usually a good indication that your insurance company doesn’t intend on paying you what you believe to be owed.

As Soon As It Appears That a Claims Adjuster is Stalling, a Lawyer Should Be Called

If you get the feeling that a claims adjuster is stalling, you should seek an attorney.  At this point in the process it’s likely that nothing positive will happen without experienced legal counsel.  Instead, it’s much more likely that many months will pass until your claim is eventually denied.  As a result, there is no need to wait for this denial; a much better course of action is usually to retain experienced legal counsel and to file litigation.

Why Most People Wait to Retain Insurance Counsel

Most people are optimistic and believe that an insurance company will eventually do the right thing. They usually will get lulled into continuing down the course of believing that if they just keep submitting all of the information to the insurance claims adjuster, their claim will be paid. After all, insurance companies would not spend all of the money that they do on commercials promising that they will help us if this were not the case.

I Will Provide You With an Honest Assessment of Your Claim

When insurance companies deny legitimate claims or engage in delay or other tactics, I suggest that you call me so that I can learn about your claim.  Certainly if it appears that more work should be done with the insurance claims adjuster in order to legitimately process the claim, I will recommend that you take this course of action.  If this does not lead to an appropriate result, you can retain me and my firm later if necessary.  Alternatively, if you have already given the claims adjuster ample time to do the right thing and pay your claim and the adjuster fails to do so, you can retain me, and I and my firm will immediately begin the process of seeking a proper recovery for you.

If it appears that the insurance company has engaged in a course of conduct that may be deemed to be bad faith, we will initiate legal action on this basis and seek punitive damages for you.

Insurance bad faith claims are the only way to hold insurance companies accountable for wrongful conduct.  It’s important to understand that conduct that is actionable for bad faith and punitive damages goes beyond legitimate reasons for claim denial or claims valuation; bad faith usually involves specific conduct that is either outrageous in nature or involves a pattern of conduct designed to unfairly penalize those who are insured for the purpose of higher profits for the insurance company.

Call Today for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

There is no fee for our services for cases of insurance recovery or bad faith unless and until we recover for you.  I offer a free, no obligation consultation so that I can advise you as to how I my firm may be able to help you once I learn about your case.



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